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Tupac Shakur

 Tupac was origanally named Lesane Parish Crooks, but mother Afeni Shakur had changed it to Tupac Amaru Shakur, meaning "shining serpant" in arabic. Tupac was raised by his single mother in New York untill they moved to Cali in 1988. Tupac's mother was apart of Black Panther while she was pregant with her son Tupac she was locked up for conspiracy to bomb public places in New York.
 In 1994 2pac was charged with sexual assualt. He was sentenced to four years in prison. Suge Knight, Executive producer bails Tupac out of prison with 1.4 million dollar bond. 2pac signs with Death Row and records the "All Eyez On Me."  As 2pac was on trial for sexual assault he was shot 5 times in Times Sqaure recording studio. 2pac checked himself out of the hospital, three hours after his sergery. He belived Biggie, and P. Diddy had a part in his shooting.
In 1996 Tupac was shot in Vegas with Suge. Suge was not surverly injured but 2pac was shot in the chest 4 times. He was taken to the hospital. He was prounonced dead at 4:03 A.M Sept, 13 1996.
   R.I.P Tupac Amaru Shakur
 2pac CDs:   
      2pac's first apearence was on Digital Undergrounds single "Same Song."His first cd he recorded was "2pacalypse Now." He recorded other cds such as "Strictly 4 my N.I.G.G.A.Z," "Makavelli, The 7 Day Theory," "Me, Against the World," "All Eyez On Me," " Thug Life," " Untill The End Of Time," "Loyal 2 The Game," "2pacs Greatest Hits," "Better Dayz," and "2pac Reserection the sound track.  
   He starred in many movies. Such as Juice, Above The Rim, Poetic Justice, Outlawz.


2 $hort

Rapper 2 $hort was born in L.A. At age 14 he moved to Oakland. He started selling mix tapes out of the back of his truck. Soon he signed with Dangerous records. He realeased many albums. He is very popular around the bay also.