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One of Friskoz hottest rappers Andre Nickatina (F.K.A) Dre-Dogg has blown up all around the Bay area. He's one of the hottest rappers known to the bay. His first two records as Dre-Dogg where "The New Jim Jones," and "I Hate you with a Passion." Soon he changed his rap name to real name Andre Nickatina. He released albums such as "Cocaine Raps Volume 1," "Raven In my Eyes," "Hell's Kitchen," "Conversations with a Devil," and more. You might also wanna check out his new DVD, and sound track "The Gift." It features hot artists such as Mac Dre, Smoov. E, and more


RBL Posey is a rap group from Frisco. It is made up of 2 members. Rappers Black c, and Mr. Cee. They released a couple records. A while later Mr. Cee was killed in a street fight. I don't know much detail, about his death. Rapper Black C, didn't let this fade him. He kept rapping, and later realeased, "Last Man Standing."